Useful Tips for Installing Loft Ladders

For people with experienced hands installing a loft ladder should not be a difficult task. Even people who are not experienced with metal and timber, they can still try it. The vital element to consider it that should be properly done to prevent any accidents. Your body will not be forgiven if you fall from a ceiling’s height. So if you are not sure of what you are doing then it is advisable to get loft boarding near me professionals to do the job.

Several ladders that are in the market today have a detailed instructions list. But you should always remember that roofs differ from house to house. You could be expected to design ways for your ladder to fit properly. You should not impede the ladder’s strength. If your staircase is fitting, do not forget that if you have wide steps it is going to stress your ceiling. If you install a vertical ladder, you will be leaving all the weight on the floor as your walk up the ladder.

Although this could not be a problem, you should be aware of it. If you choose to bolt your ladder on steel, you should consider using Shylock nuts that will not undo on their own. Double nuts are also ideal because they lock up together. In case of timber, use timber screws because if you don’t they will loosen up. However getting a professional to install your ladder is not expensive especially if you are not sure what is done. Lastly, try out the ladder to ensure it is strong enough to climb on.

To get a loft there are some options to consider. The first option is the staircase leading to the hole in the roof at This has some problems being that stairs are expensive to fit. Next they are permanent fixtures and use up space which could be utilized for something else. Sometimes staircases do not look very good that is where loft ladders come in. There are steel, aluminum and timber ladders which enable you to climb up to the loft with ease.

Loft ladders easily fold away and can be caged. It is not easy to tell they are there and that’s  how they should be. It is easy to make your own loft ladders however you need to ensure they are properly supported. Timber loft ladders are heavy and fold out. This is not a problem because lot of construction money saved. Aluminum attic ladders are a bit pricy but if you consider the cost of building stairs then, attic ladders are better. These loft ladders mean you are able to utilize every space in a safe and clean manner. Know more facts about loft board, go to

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